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Sally Ride EarthKAM is an educational program designed to engage and excite educators and students alike. You are encouraged to use the images and educational resources, to enhance learning and address standards in science, geography, mathematics, technology, and more.
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Classroom Activities

  • EarthScape Classroom Series
    • Six engaging, standards-based activities allow students to explore their home planet in a new way.
    • Go to EarthScape page
  • Make a Tennis Ball Globe
    • Students create a Tennis Ball Globe to see how a spherical Earth can represented on a two-dimensional map.
    • Download activity (PDF)
  • Play Earth Bingo
  • Certificate of CompletionNEW!
    • Reward students for taking part in the mission with this certificate of completion.
    • Download certificate (PDF)


  • Identifying Continents and OceansNEW!
    • Students will learn about world geography. They will learn to identify the five major oceans and seven continents.They will also use images from the Sally Ride EarthKAM Image Gallery to reinforce their knowledge.
    • Download lesson (PDF)
  • Important Facts About Latitude and Longitude
    • Students will learn about the latitude and longitude.
    • Download lesson (PDF)
  • Understanding Maps of Earth
    • Students will study the different features of maps and globes and how they relate to the physical properties of Earth.
    • Download lesson (PDF)
  • What Can Be Seen in Maps and Images
    • Students will compare a wall map and Sally Ride EarthKAM images to determine what can and cannot be seen, due to differences in scale and size of Earth images.
    • Download lesson (PDF)

Student Activities